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Do you work for a company that will match your contribution to The State College of Florida? Corporate matching gifts provide a great opportunity to double your contribution.

Employer’s Matching Gift Program
Many businesses provide matching gift support to educational institutions. A matching gift program benefits the employer and the employee. By matching employee gifts, businesses are assured that their charitable resources support causes that are important to their employees and community.

If you or your spouse work for a matching gift company, you can take advantage of this program and double, triple or quadruple your gifts to The State College of Florida Foundation. For further information, please review our frequently asked questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does a matching gift program work?
Each time you make a gift, your employer may match it. For example, if you give $250, your employer may contribute a gift ranging from 50 percent ($125) to 400 percent ($1,000) of your gift. Your employer’s policy dictates the matching amount.

How do I take advantage of this program?
Contact your human resources department for instructions on requesting matching gifts. Every time you send in a contribution or fulfill a pledge, include a matching gift form. We take care of the rest.

The Foundation operates from offices in Bradenton and Venice, Florida on the campuses of The State College of Florida. Our professional staff is available to work with you and your tax advisor to help you meet your philanthropic goals.

For more information on the mission of the Foundation or to learn how you may get involved, we invite you to visit us by phone, in person or via this web site.

Please feel free to contact
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Executive Director,
The State College of Florida Foundation, Inc.,
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