Essentially, there are two types of named scholarships available through the Foundation. These include:

Annual Named Scholarships which require an annual contribution ($1,000 minimum suggested)

Endowed Scholarships which require a minimum contribution of $25,000 and may be paid over a period of five years.

Many ways exist to fund a scholarship including gifts of cash, appreciated securities, personal or real properties, bequests, trusts, life insurance policies or retirement funds. The Scholarship Agreement In designing the scholarship, you and the Foundation create an agreement that delineates the criteria for awarding the scholarship. The Foundation encourages you to keep the criteria as broad as possible. The more restrictive the criteria, the more difficult it is to award the scholarship. A sample agreement and an outline of an agreement are available for your review as you plan your scholarship.

Giving to an Existing Scholarship
If you are interested in providing funding for scholarship purposes, but you aren’t ready yet to establish a named scholarship, contributing to an existing scholarship is an opportunity that may fulfill your intention. Simply earmark your contribution for the general scholarship fund.


Contact Allison Nash, Scholarship Coordinator

The Foundation operates from offices in Bradenton and Venice, Florida on the campuses of The State College of Florida. Our professional staff is available to work with you and your tax advisor to help you meet your philanthropic goals.

For more information on the mission of the Foundation or to learn how you may get involved, we invite you to visit us by phone, in person or via this web site.

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